Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Medical Education Scholarship and Research Resources

Some key ideas/sections:

Educational scholarship and scholarly teaching

Educational research
     Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed methods

Traditional vs digital scholarship

Advice and Tips
      How to start
      The research question and the research agenda
      The research project and the research program

Online resources and digital tools

Digital scholarship in tenure, promotion and review process (Deborah Lines Anderson, M.E. Sharpe, 2004)

(google search "qualitative research in medical education")

A (one page) guide to research paradigms relevant to medical education (Academic Medicine last page)

Sample size in qualitative research

Qualitative research methods overview

Appraising qualitative research articles in medicine and medical education

Role of qualitative research theory in medical education

Qualitative research methods in medical education

NSU Online Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research

Online qualitative research resources Antioch University New England

Dyrbre 2009 A qualitative study of physicians' experience with an online masters program

Course in Advanced qualitative methods in health research

Completing your qualitative dissertation: A roadmap from beginning to end

Quality criteria in qualitative and quantitative research (Academic Medicine)

Masterclass in Qualitative Research Analysis, 7 to 11 April, 2014

Metaanalysis on size of focus groups

Illustrations on Pasteur's quadrant from "Google Image search"


How do I bring qualitative and quantitative data together? (pdf)

Qualitative vs Quantitative survey questions

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research - when to use which

Quantitative and qualitative methods in medical education research: AMEE Guide No 90: Part II.

Using qualitative exploration to create quantitative surveys

New ways to ask quantitative questions in online surveys

Answering the research question - quantitative designs (pdf)

Qualitative analysis, data and design (pdf)

Critical inquiry in education and professional practice (eLearning)

Tips for building an educational research program

30 tips for successful academic research and writing

Tips for starting an educational research proposal

The Research Compass (AMEE guide No. 56)

How to write an education research grant (AMEE guide No. 101)

Conceptual frameworks in research: what, why and how

Tips on partnering

Getting started in medical education scholarship

12 tips for getting started using mixed methods in medical education research

The use of portfolio learning in medical education

Learning portfolios in radiology residency education: getting started

8 apps that make academic research life easier

Shaping a career in academic medicine: guidelines for mentor mentee conversations

Developing teachers and trainers in undergraduate medical education (GMC 2009)

Professionalising the professor

The professionalisation of academics as teachers in higher education

Make medical education a specialty

Tales from a career in medical research

Framework for the professional development of postgraduate medical supervisors

Medical students as educators

Establishing a research agenda (web link)

Making the most of small scale research (web link)

Succeeding as a Clinician Educator: Useful Tips and Resources

How I Got Here Part III: Towards Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the Earth Sciences

Dr Kevin Eva: Scholarship in medical education: Finding your niche

Igniting Clinical Faculty: Engaging in Your Professional Development

Using focus groups in medical education research: AMEE Guide No. 91.

Grounded theory in medical education research: AMEE Guide No. 70.

What would happen to education if we take education evidence seriously? (C. P. M. van der Vleuten and E. W. Driessen. Perspect Med Educ. Jun 2014; 3(3): 222–232.)

Enhanced interactive eBooks

Creativity and the Flipped Classroom

Advancements in e-learning to benefit adult learners

Visualising the internet

Free psychology qualitative and quantitative research analysis software

An array of qualitative data analysis tools - a call for data analysis triangulation (pdf)

Free psychology qualitative research analysis software

QuiRC - Qualitative Research Coder

Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decisions